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Create Your Extension

Extensions may be developed for a variety of functional areas of Magento as well as for interfacing with 3rd party web applications.Below, we highlight several guidelines regarding creating your extension. More detailed information can be found in the downloadable development and style guidelines listed on this page.

pricing Extensions

Prices should be accurate and reflect the fair market value of the extension. If the extension is offered on the developer’s site as well as on Magento Connect, no pricing discrepancy is allowed. Any free extension shall be available to download directly from Magento Connect. You may not use Magento Connect free extensions to market other products and services.

Paid Extensions

A paid extension for Magento Community, Magento Professional or Magento Enterprise must contain a direct link to the extension itself listed on Magento Connect. This page must include detailed information about the extension, including price, warranty, support, and contact information. Your company products not related to this specific extension .

Extension Images

You can use a small Magento Logo on your extension icon, but it must be absolutely clear that the extension was not developed by Magento.Do not use the word Magento in your extension title, domain name or user name. Sub domain or /directory may include the word Magento.

Extension Packaging

Each submitted Magento extension needs to be packaged prior to submission.Magento Connect is designed as an extension marketplace, not as a general directory of complimentary products and services.  We do not allow the selling of services related or unrelated to Magento products.

Approval Process

During the approval process, developers should track the status of their submitted extensions in their Magento account. Once you have submitted your extension, your extension status will change to Submitted. Once reviewed, you will receive an email notification regarding the status of your extension.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Developer Profile

    Extension developers are provided a dedicated page that includes information about their business, contact information and a list of their Magento Connect extensions.

  • Extension Brief Description

    Briefly describe the feature behavior of your extension (max 110 English characters). This brief description is displayed in Search Results and the Extension Profile.

  • Extension Profile

    You should upload one icon that graphically represents the extension. This icon will be displayed anywhere your extension is listed. Upload clear and readable screenshots .

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Market Your Magento Extension

Magento Connect includes a variety of capabilities to promote your extension. Effective use of these capabilities will improve your chances of building sales. Extension marketing opportunities on Magento Connect include: