Magento Perfomance Optimization Services

If you suffer from slow performance of your store, we will relieve you of such a problem! We utilize most contemporary means of profiling and load testing to locate weak spots of your website.


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Magento 2 Migration

Move your store the easiest and safest way

Magento 2 Migration

Move your store to the latest version of the platform without breaking a sweat. We’ll help you safely move all data, recreate any custom-built functionality, transfer all SEO value and even build a brand-new store design.

Custom Development

Build a store fully tailored for your needs

Magento Custom Development

Your Content Goes HereLet’s customize and extend Magento in any way required to meet your business needs! Our team will help you adjust the platform according to your personal requirements and turn it into the ultimate selling machine.

Magento Design

Make your website look-and-feel stand out

Magento Design

Our creative team will take your store design to a completely new level and improve your brand identity with a new & trendy website look-and-feel. Also, we can fully recreate your current store design for a Magento 2.

Magento Sales Analytics

Get all important sales insights in one app

Magento Sales Analytics

SavvyCube is advanced SAAS-based analytics software exclusively designed for Magento. Conveniently overview your sales performance, easily calculate net profit, get insightful and actionable sales reports and more.

Magento Upgrade

Improve your store performance and security

Magento Upgrade

Running an old, slow and insecure version of Magento? Let us upgrade it for you! We will carefully transfer all your data, fix the bugs and enhance the behind-the-scenes usability.

Magento Installation

Easily get Magento installed and running

Magento Installation

We quickly run Magento 1 and Magento 2 setup, as well as equip the default installation with any custom theme or 3-party extensions. In addition, we provide professional pre- and post-installation support and consultancy.

Advanced SEO Config

Optimize your store for better search results

Advanced SEO Config Service

No time for SEO routine? Our team of SEO professionals will help you quickly get it all done. We will audit your website, install and configure our SEO extension, set up Google and Bing Webmaster tools, and more.

Product Config

Manage product custom options with ease!

Advanced Product Options Config

We help you quickly and efficiently configure custom options for any product. No matter how many custom options you want to set up, we will configure all the stuff the fastest and best possible way.